Lament for Sean MacDermott
They have slain you, Sean MacDermott; never more these eyes will greet
The eyes beloved by women, and the smile that true men loved ;
Never more I'll hear the stick-tap, and the gay and limping feet.
They have slain you, Sean the gentle, Sean the valiant, Sean the proved.

Have you scorn for us who linger here behind you, Sean the wise?
As you look about and greet your comrades in the strange new dawn.
So one says, but saying, wrongs you, for doubt never dimmed your eyes.
And not death itself could make those lips of yours grow bitter, Sean.

As your stick goes tapping down the heavenly pavement, Sean, my friend,
That is not your way of thinking, generous, tender, wise and brave ;
We, who knew and loved and trusted you, are trusted to the end.
And your hand even now grips mine as though there never were a grave.
(с)Seumas O'Sullivan.

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