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цитатник: "The Plough and the Stars" by Seán O'Casey.
Много цитат из маленькой пьесы - время действия 1915-16, место действия Дублин, кое-что из этого может быть очень интересно господам революционерам и сочувствующим.
Орфография местами весьма своеобразна, но я сегодня слишком ленивая, чтобы редактировать стилистические особенности первоисточника))

К вопросу об армейских порядках :)
Clitheroe. I don't understand this. Why does General Connolly call me Commandant?
Capt. Brennan. Th' Staff appointed you Commandant, and th' General agreed with their selection.
Clitheroe. When did this happen?
Capt. Brennan. A fortnight ago.
Clitheroe. How is it word was never sent to me?

Про "а девочки потом" :)
There isn't much notice taken of a pretty petticoat of a night like this. . . . They're all in a holy mood. Th' solemn-lookin' dials on th' whole o' them an' they marchin to th' meetin'. You'd think they were th’ glorious company of th' saints, an' th' noble army of martyrs thrampin' through th' sthreets of Paradise. They're all thinkin' of higher things than a girl's garthers. . .

В порядке образца ораторского искусства - и менталитета (время действия - ноябрь 1915, место действия очевидно):
It is a glorious thing to see arms in the hands of Irishmen. We must accustom ourselves to the thought of arms, we must accustom ourselves to the sight of arms, we must accustom ourselves to the use of arms. . . . Bloodshed is a cleansing and sanctifying thing, and the nation that regards it as the final horror has lost its manhood. . . . There are many things more horrible than bloodshed, and slavery is one of them!
Comrade soldiers of the Irish Volunteers and of the Citizen Army, we rejoice in this terrible war. The old heart of the earth needed to be warmed
with the red wine of the battlefields. . . Such august homage was never offered to God as this : the homage of millions of lives given gladly for love of country. And we must be ready to pour out the same red wine in the same glorious sacrifice, for without shedding of blood there is no redemption!
The last six teen months have been the most glorious in the history of Europe. Heroism has come back to the earth. War is a terrible thing, but war is not an evil thing. People in Ireland dread war because they do not know it, Ireland has not known the exhilaration of war for over a hundred years. When war comes to Ireland she must welcome it as she would welcome the Angel of God!
They think they have pacified Ireland; think they have foreseen everything; think they have provided against everything; but the fools, the fools, the fools! they have left us our Fenian dead, and, while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland, unfree, shall never be at peace!

Get th' Dublin men goin' an they'll go on full force for anything that's thryin' to bar them away from what they're wantin', where th' slim thinkin' counthry boys wud limp away from th' first faintest touch of compromization!

Еще ОЧЕНЬ показательной идеологии :)
The Covey [emphatically]. Well, let us put it to th' test, then, an' see what you know about th' Labour movement: what's the mechanism of exchange?
Fluther [roaring, because he feels he is beaten] . How th' hell do I know what it is? There's nothin' about that in th' rules of our Thrades Union!
The Covey. What does Karl Marx say about th' Relation of Value to th' Cost o' Production?
Fluther [angrily]. What th' hell do I care what he says? I'm Irishman enough not to lose me head be follyin' foreigners!

А вот тут - квинтессенция всего просто:
Capt. Brennan. We won't have long to wait now.
Lieut. Langon. Th' time is rotten ripe for revolution.
Clitheroe [to Lieut. Langon]. You have a mother, Langon.
Lieut. Langon. Ireland is greater than a mother.
Capt. Brennan [to Clitheroe]. You have a wife, Clitheroe.
Clitheroe. Ireland is greater than a wife.
Lieut. Langon. Th' time for Ireland's battle is now, th' place for Ireland's battle is here.

На баррикадах (1916, Пасхальное Восстание, глазами жены повстанца):
Nora. An' he stands wherever he is because he's brave? [Vehemently] No, but because he's a coward, a coward, a coward!
Mrs. Gogan. Oh, they're not cowards anyway.
Nora [with denunciatory anger]. I tell you they're afraid to say they're afraid! . . . Oh, I saw it, I saw it, Mrs. Gogan. . . At th' barricade in North King Street I saw fear glowin' in all their eyes. . . An' in th' middle o' th' sthreet was somethin' huddled up in a horrible tangled heap. . . . An' I saw that they were afraid to look at it. . .I tell you they were afraid, afraid, afraid!

Тоже на улицах Дублина, во время Восстания:
They're breakin' into th’ shops, they're breakin' into th’ shops! Smashin' th' windows, batterin' in th' doors an' whippin' away everything! An' th' Volunteers is firin' on them. I seen two men an' a lassie pushin' a piano down th' sthreet, an' th' sweat rollin' off them thryin' to get it up on th' pavement ; an' an oul' wan that must ha' been seventy lookin' as if she'd dhrop every minute with th' dint o' heart beatin', thryin' to pull a big double bed out of a broken shop window!
Capt. Brennan [back to Clitheroe]. Why did you fire over their heads? Why didn't you fire to kill?
Clitheroe. No, no, Bill; bad as they are, they're Irish men an' women.
Capt, Brennan [savagely]. Irish be damned! Attackin' an' mobbin' th' men that are riskin' their lives for them. If these slum lice gather at our heels again, plug one o’ them, or I'll soon shock them with a snot or two meself!

О "героической смерти":
He took it like a man. His last whisper was to "Tell Nora to be brave; that I'm ready to meet my God, an that I'm proud to die for Ireland." An' when our General heard it he said that "Commandant Clitheroe's end was a gleam of glory." Mrs. Clitheroe's grief will be a joy when she realizes that she has had a hero for a husband.

А сама пьеса, кстати, занятная. В том числе - наличием разных точек зрения на ирландскую армию, ирландский национализм, Восстание и далее по списку. Потрясающе атмосферным и страшным описанием того, что творилось на улицах Дублина весной 1916. И, кстати говоря, очень колоритными женскими персонажами - в большой степени это именно рассказ о них.

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